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Starting now, ordinary workers will become extraordinary leaders. People will begin to care, think, and act more on their own, in full alignment, without being told. Why? Properly empowered people need less supervision, move faster, collaborate better, make smarter decisions, love their jobs more, change jobs less, learn faster, and avoid mistakes better than traditional workers.

Actual Results of ELU Training

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ELU tracks your sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose—the three elements of Motivation 3.0 (Dan Pink)—as well as your confidence as a leader and how much you LOVE your job. (These are actual combined results from ELU trainees.)
A graph that shows rapidly increasing levels in five areas over 7 modules.

The End-to-End Leadership Development Platform That Evolves With You

Empowering leadership is a vibrant, agile practice used worldwide. Its methods are constantly expanding and improving in collaboration with people like you, in every industry. Those changes are reflected in constantly expanding and updating modules that transform as you do.

Learn As You Work

Become an effective, empowering leader WITHOUT disrupting your workday. Our approach eliminates long workshops, delivers fast continuous results, and feels natural.

  • Immediate, measurable results that feel great!

  • Learn new skills quickly in small chunks

  • Practice your new skills as you work

  • Certify your new skills with your mentor, coach, or community

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What They're Saying About Empowering Leadership


Shelly Hillier - Director of Operations, McDonalds of Yakima Franchise Group

Neverboss is the way of the future. As a Director of a large organization and someone who is always looking for ways to improve my own leadership, I found the principles to be solid and easy to apply. The results speak for themselves with lower turnover and happier employees.


Jeremiah Webb - Master of Growth, Peak Results Consulting

Transformational. We now use Neverboss for all of our internal employees and contributors.


Dino Eliadis - Founder/President

The "how to" for developing a high-performance organization.


Michael Clifton - CEO, Marketing Pros International

The new wave of leadership.


Drew Nowak - Marketing Manager, MowCow Lawn and Landscape

"Advanced empowering leadership is indistinguishable from magic.... Allows me to feel less in pain and more in control in all projects I join."