Empowering Leadership University

Empowering leadership is a vibrant, agile practice used worldwide. And now you can master it easily, at your own pace. We include 7 courses in the basic bundle, with additional courses for advanced skills. The full basic training takes as little as 6 hours, covering all levels of the Rapid Empowerment Roadmap, as seen in Neverboss.

How It Works

Master GREAT leadership skills that empower you and align everyone around you. Train the way you like best, at the speed you prefer. Then certify your practice and skills.

  • Videos guide you through the courses, you choose the speed. Transcripts also let you read or skim quickly.

  • Train on mobile and/or desktop.

  • Quizzes, surveys, and assignments certify your progress

Watch Intro Video

"What's in it For You?"

A Sample Video from Empowering Leadership University

Sample Course Outline (Course 2 of 7): Empowering CULTURE

Include Expert Coaching Anytime

You are never on your own. Get fastest results with zero uncertainty, by letting a certified expert show you the ropes. Four different coaching styles to match your organization's needs.

  • Private group coaching for your company

  • Private 1-1 or team coaching

  • Public group coaching with other emerging leaders worldwide

  • Empowering Leadership Community

Recognition You Deserve

Become a Certified Empowering Leader at the basic, competent, or advanced level. We will send you a beautiful certificate that you can hang in your office and even mention in your resume.

For Supervisors

Track the progress of your people and your teams.

  • Track individual completion

  • Measure empowerment by team and organization.

  • individuals empowerment scores are anonymous.